Love Doll Manual

In this article, read how to properly care for your realistic love doll to keep you the longest without scars on the body

What is TPE material?

Are you wondering what love dolls are made of? Learn what TPE is and what is the difference between silicone sex doll and sex doll from TPE.

Silicone doll or TPE?

When choosing a new virgin, many of you may have a dilemma whether to choose a silicone virgin or a TPE virgin. In this article we want to clarify the properties of both materials…

Fixed or removable vagina?

During purchase process of a love doll you will surely hesitate to choose a fixed or removable vagina. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of both…

Legs with or without standing?

Do you want to know the difference between standing and non-standing legs? Their advantages and disadvantages? Read this article to find out the answers.

Beware of fake sex dolls!

If you've found by our competitor the same love doll looking from a photo but at a considerably lower price, be careful! Thoroughly read this article on how to identify a fake…

How To Remove Stains on Real Doll?

Have you sullied your sex doll with careless treatment or clothing? We have instructions for removing stains from sex dolls using stain remover.

What type of lubricant use?

You will always need a lubricant when will have sex with a silicone and TPE doll, otherwise you can't have sex with her. There are about 4 types of different base lubricants on…