When we were asked by many visitors why our products are so expensive and found elsewhere at half the price, we have to reveal the backstage of the black sex dolls sex market.

The market with realistic virgins is now experiencing a huge boom. And, as is the case in every successful sector, sex dolls have become the target of forgeries of inferior and potentially dangerous sex dolls. And in big.

The most in the black market is the counterfeiting of the most successful and most expensive brands like WM Dolls a YL DollSY Doll a JY Doll. They use original product photos, but that's probably the only thing they have in common.

These counterfeits are most popular on well-known online markets like Aliexpress, Amazon, ebay and more. We have at least 3 reputable vendors in the Czech Republic who meet most of the criteria for getting a counterfeit.

So how best to know the sex dolls sex dolls?

1. Vendor does not mention the brand, manufacturer, name, head number or other original descriptive parameters in the product name. Doubtful e-shops in the Czech Republic are called "Girl 1234", or Silicon virgin "The name of the eshop". Especially foreign e-shops with counterfeits use the name of e-shop as a virgin brand. It's a clear fake or a scam!

2. It is not possible to configure your virgin from more than 3-4 parameters. Typically, only basic parameters that are easy to change, such as eyes, wig, nails, vagina, are usually available.

3. They use the same virginal photos for example 140 cm and 160 cm.

4. Their assortment contains only the most popular models of the WM Dolls a YL DollSY Doll a JY Doll brands, which are the most counterfeited.

5. Low price. Prices may be one third to one half lower than ours. This is already below the cost of production, and it is a clear fake with the use of low-quality and potentially hazardous chemicals with a chemical odor. Virgo does not have to match the pictures at all. Here you will receive a photo of the finished product before sending it.

6. Short delivery time. They promise to send in 1-2 days. Because they have a limited assortment of the most popular sex dolls and are not made to order.

7. Customer Service. After receiving payment and sending, they will not take care of you. You will receive a shipment that will be charged with bold CLO and VAT. Our prices are final and you will not be worried about any paperwork and import charges. We will handle everything for you free of charge in exceptional situations.