Important practices for using and maintaining Love Dolls:
Treat your Love Doll as a real woman and stay together for many years without scratches on your soul and body.

It's a long-term investment, and that's the responsibility. Although it is not alive, TPE material is the most credible replica of human skin. Which guarantees a super realistic feeling in contact with the silicone love doll. Real videos here.

On delivery, check the shipping box thoroughly. If there are any signs of external damage that could damage the love doll, write down the record of the damage to the courier or refuse to accept it and contact us immediately.

The joints can reproduce most of the human positions. In a new doll, the joints may be a bit stiff, so be careful when bending her limbs. After a few days, the joints are released. Do not leave the joints bent for too long to avoid excessive TPE. Always straighten the doll as it was delivered after use.

The diagram below is an approximate movement of most models. Joints and movements may vary for some models and brands.

Pohyb kostry love doll

Love dolls are super realistic by material and movements. However, you must not forget the sensitivity of TPE material. It's really like skin. However, love dolls do not heal like humans, they can not accept abrasions and always use it on a soft surface.

After opening the box:

  1. Wash your hands and put the cotton gloves in the box
  2. Put a white towel on the bed where you will bring the love doll. (Do not assume on a hard surface)
  3. Remove the top reinforcements and accessories from the box.
  4. Press the vagina's lower abdomen and bend both feet to the vertical position (each at right angles upwards)
  5. Bend the knee joint to the right angle and grab the love doll under your knees and under your shoulders.
  6. Transfer the love doll to the bed.
  7. Look closely at the love doll for damage. Damage must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.
  8. Now you can manipulate the love doll. (do not expose the palm of the vase to the whole weight)
  9. Wash the love doll before using it. See. Instructions below.

Cleaning and maintenance of the love doll:
Each love doll is made to measure and goes straight to you right from production. The process of solidification and drying of the material can still work and the love doll may leave greasy stains for the first week to a month. We recommend washing it immediately with a neutral soap and applying a child's powder to soften the skin. When storing, leave the box ventilated, it is best to hang the love doll on the storage hook.

We recommend using a water-based condom and lubricant for each contact. You will not need to clean the love doll so often and thoroughly.

Washing silicone love doll:

Without a condom, we recommend washing the love doll after each use. Otherwise, once every 1-3 weeks. Too often washing can shorten its life. As an accessory to the love doll you will receive the basic applicator for the holes. However, we recommend that you purchase a special shower head to thoroughly rinse openings. Use lukewarm water and neutral antibacterial soap to clean TPE and silicone love dolls. Do not use chemicals, alcohol or other aggressive cleaners.

  1. Remove your head and cover the metal parts with a plastic, rubber gauntlet, or condom.
  2. Place the silicone love doll on the bed in the sitting position and place it on the back. Both lower holes will be easily accessible.
  3. Pour part of the soap into the applicator and dilute with lukewarm water.
  4. Place the shower or bathtub with a colorless pad / towel, transfer the love doll and put it on your back.
  5. Rinse her with lukewarm water (up to 38 ° C) on all sides.
  6. Apply the diluted antibacterial soap to the apertures and allow it to work for 2 minutes.
  7. Wash the love doll with soap.
  8. Rinse the water with the water, rinse the love doll inside and out.
  9. On the bed prepare fine white towels.

Drying of silicone love doll:

  1. Put the love doll on fine white towels on the bed.
  2. Wrap it and dry with a gentle pulse from the outside on all sides. (NEVER USE THE HAIRDRYER!)
  3. Sit the love doll for 20 minutes so that the water runs out of the lower holes.
  4. You can use damp swabs to thoroughly dry the holes.
  5. After drying, apply a baby powder to the entire body, which after washing will return the skin to a realistic mat, like human skin. It prevents stickiness and dust and dirt.

General recommendations on love doll care:

  • Always use a water based lubricant. Oil dissolves TPE.
  • Keep your doll in a dry place and avoid excessive heat and humidity.
  • Some clothing may fade, stain, or scratch the skin. We recommend that you do not dress the love doll during use.
  • When storing your doll, we recommend keeping your hands and feet straight so as not to damage the skin or skeleton.
  • You can use make-up. Avoid make-up or oil-based chemicals, use water-based make-up only. Do not use removers that may contain alcohol.
  • Do not use alcoholic perfumes.
  • Do not use sharp or hot objects near a love doll.
  • Prior to first use, wash the garment several times at 40 ° C to avoid TPE staining. See the stain removal procedure.

Check out the customer review on how to properly unwrap and treat the silicone love doll before first use. *

This is a love doll of 166 cm Muscle by JY Doll, other brands vary in overall processing.

* Applies only for love dolls with standing,