Purchase of your first Silicone Doll, or TPE Doll, will surely be a major investment for the most. For a quality branded doll to your liking, you will sure have to spend over €1000.

The good news is that this is the only investment that you will have to spend for years, because aftercare, if you care for it well, will only cost you a few euros a year and you can still enjoy unlimited sex for many years. So it is very important to make the right choice of your first silicone or TPE doll. That is why we have written a brief guide to choose from.

What is your budget?

If you are limited by a certain amount that you are willing to invest to buy a Silicone Doll, you must have a price cap. But we say frankly, that the more expensive the brand, the better the dolls are, in terms of details and functions. Price for each brand then depends on the height of the doll and the selected parameters.

But if you settle for basic features and not necessarily an ultra-realistic Silicone Doll that you don't recognize from a living woman at first glance, you will still find a large number of quality products that will perform great her basic function - sex as well as doll a few thousands more expensive.

Determine her height

Setting a certain height range is another very important thing, as it also depends on the price, as mentioned above, but also the weight of the doll, which you have to take into account in the future manipulation of the doll. There are Mini Dolls, up to 129 cm, which you can buy up to €800 and handling them is very easy because they are light. On the other hand, we also have life size dolls over 170 cm, where the price exceeds €2000, which are in a life weight of over 45 kg, which will be uttered and not everyone could handle it without possible damage during handling.


Which material to choose?

Silicone and TPE doll are two different things that are often confused. Both materials have different properties and significantly different prices. We have described the differences in detail in this article.


Silicone Doll visage

What a man, this unique. The same can be true of a silicone and TPE doll. Everyone also has completely different preferences for appearance and their ideal beauty. Therefore, all our products are clearly categorized according to:

Body type

Breast size

Hair color

Skin color


We have hundreds of products, but with additional filtration and combination of parameters, you can narrow your selection and speed up the purchasing process. If, despite this amount, someone did not choose, there is the possibility of his custom design of the body of the doll and the head, according to the pictures and requirements sent by you.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you. In the discussion you can share your experience with us or ask others for advice.