During purchase process of a sex doll you will surely hesitate to choose a fixed or removable vagina. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions so you can better decide which one to choose.

Fixed vagina of a silicone sex doll

We recommend a fixed vagina to all who are looking for the most realistic look and sex experience with a silicone sex doll. The vaginal cavity is structured. It has a spiral shape with knurling and delicate protrusions, as well as the vagina of a live woman, which guarantees a perfectly realistic sex experience. The fixed vagina is firmly attached to the body of a silicone sex doll, and requires cleaning after every condomless use.

 Fixní vagína WM Dolls 166 cm Fixní vagína WM Dolls 166 cmFixní vagína WM Dolls 166 cm

(Fixed vagina WM Dolls 166 cm)



Benefits of a fixed vagina:

• Perfectly realistic look.

• A truly realistic sex experience. Fixed vagina are tighter and there is no risk of unwanted slippage.

Disadvantages of a fixed vagina:

• Cleaning - After each condomless sex, the entire virgin must be moved to the shower, or the tubs and holes thoroughly rinsed. We recommend using a special high pressure showerhead.

Removable vagina of silicone sex doll

Removable vagina provides an equally realistic sense of sex. The plug-in module is made of very soft TPE material as well as a silicone sex doll with a fixed vagina. The removal vagina requires cleaning after each use as well as fixed. Asmuch as the vaginal insertion pad is removable, you do not have to pull the entire virgin on the rinse. Just remove the vagina pad and hand wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap in the washstand.


 An example of the application of the removable vagina by different brands. (Each brand varies)

Benefits of removable vagina:

• Lifetime - if damaged, it can be replaced with a new one.

• Possibility to have more differently structured plug-ins.

• Easy cleaning. It is not necessary to manipulate the entire sex doll.

Disadvantages of removable vagina:

• Inserting the vagina into a silicone virgin requires a technique. It must be powdered or lubricated to fit.

• A less realistic sex experience.

• The slightly less realistic look of the vagina.