In our e-shop you can find hundreds of realistic sex dolls - Sex Dolls. Let's get closer to how the buying process works.


The selection of a sex doll

You can select a category tokens according to their height - small sex dolls, middle sex dolls and big sex dolls. Or by brand.

After selecting height or sex dollity, move to product detail.

All sex dolls are made to order, according to the customer's chosen parameters.

Photos of all the sex dolls are realistic and you can order the same sex doll as in the photos.

Each sex doll is basically a jigsaw puzzle of several parameters that you can combine freely. One sex doll can contain up to 75,000 different combinations of variants. Some variants, such as hair, fixed standing, heating or sounding, are charged extra.

Variants of sex dolls are pictorial and click on the image to choose the variant.

All veneer dimensions are in the detail of the product in the tab parameters. Because of the expansiveness of the material they can vary by 2 - 4 cm.

With the selected parameters, we'll go to the shipping and shipping cart.



We only use freight forwarding companies by UPS or DHL. Even though all shipments are shipped from China, you will not have to undergo any customs clearance or pay any additional import charges. We are the contractual partners of UPS and DHL and we handle all import procedures for you free of charge. Depending on the length of the customs procedure, the delivery time is 15-30 days. You receive a tracking number for each order and you can track it online.



Because each sex doll is unique due to the choice of many personal parameters, payment is required in advance. Its production will start after receiving payment and lasts 3-7 days.

You can make a payment using a secured PayPal or GoPay payment gateway. Or bank account 2300573870/2010 maintained with FIO Bank.


Delivery data

The last important step is to fill in the delivery data. We recommend creating an account where you can track the current order status. However, we will inform you all by email. Please carefully check the email you sent to where we send the order status information.


Sending an order

Please send the order with your business terms. You will be redirected to the payment gateway where you will pay the order. Payments are displayed when the transfer is selected. You will receive the order confirmation by returning the specified e-mail. If you do not receive it within 10 minutes, check the "bulk" and "spam" folders. Alternatively, please contact us at or tel .: +420 607288195.