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Real Dolls - HR Doll

HRDoll is a professional manufacturer of real dolls based in China, which specializes in realistic platinum TPE dolls and FULL SILICONE heads. HR Doll produces anatomically accurate, realistic dolls of all types in life-size from 140 cm to 165 cm. The assortment also features realistic Male Dolls 167 cm tall, with a silicone head for the most realistic look, with muscular body, real beard and pubic hair.

All products are the result of the great work of their team of professional artists, designers and sculptors which coustomize their products to customer requirements and take care of the quality and reality of all models using the finest, health-friendly medical quality materials to match world leaders and satisfy a wide range customers.

The new platinum TPE structure contains much less oils, is odorless and non-sticky, it makes washing and cleaning  the doll easier.

With a third generation 304 stainless steel skeleton, they are lighter in weight, more durable and flexible - their joints can reproduce a greater variety of sexual positions and often go beyond human possibilities.