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Love Doll Ivan 164 cm / H-Cup - JY Dol

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Love Doll Kyra 150 cm / H-Cup - JY Doll

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Love Doll Cora 161 cm / H-Cup - JY Doll

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Real Dolls - JY Doll

JY Doll has been operating on the market for over 10 years. They fall into the category of cheaper and affordable sex dolls but thanks to their very wide assortment, which includes sex dolls from 100 cm to 170 cm and over 70 interchangeable heads, they rank among the world's top in a number of optional parameters. Their assortment includes white, asian, and black girls. Slim, fitness, fat, pregnant, anime or elves, but also realistic men - male dolls.

Their team of engineers, 3D designers, sculptors, and production workers give rise to this wide range of anatomically accurate sex dolls. They are constantly investing in further development, and soon we can look forward to sex dolls with artificial intelligence and mechanically moving skeleton, which will be the next step towards a completely realistic silicone sex dolls, which will soon be a normal part of modern man's life.