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Choose from our range of realistic dolls in medium sizes from 130 to 149 centimeters, which among most popular in our customers. They represent the perfect compromise between realistic height and storage space requirements. Their intimate details are designed to the smallest detail, so they offer the ultimate enjoyment of oral, anal and vaginal sex. Realistic medium-sized dolls are made of silicone and TPE, which perfectly mimics the structure of human skin. As you can see in the photos, they look so perfect that you practically do not recognize them from a living woman.The photos and videos of all the medium Real Dolls are real, and if you choose, you will get exactly the same Medium Real Doll as you can see on photos and videos. Only makeup can vary. The package includes a basic shimmy or underwear and a cleaning set as a gift. Clothes you can see on medium Real Dolls are not part of the order, but you can buy clothes for Medium Real Dolls from us separately, including other accessories.