We got a certificate - Verified by customers from Heureka

16. 06. 2020

Thank you to all customers who bought from us and described their experience with a short review on Heureka. Thanks to you, we have received a certificate - Verified by customers, which underlines our efforts for the highest quality customer service and the quality of the products offered. 

WM Dolls Anti Fake System

16. 03. 2020

WM Dolls products can now be authenticated using this link. Each WM Dolls will have its own serial number to verify that the product is original.

Delay of delivery due to Chinese New Year (14.1. - 4.2. 2020)

10. 01. 2020

The Chinese New Year is approaching (14th Jan - 4th Feb 2020) when all the factories, shops and shipping companies are closed. Delivery of all orders will be extended by this date. Thank you for your understanding.

Z-onedoll is closing production

05. 11. 2019

Z-onedoll ceases production on 1.2.2020 and the manufacturer will focus only on the Sino-doll brand. The last chance to order a silicone doll by Z-onedoll is until January 31, 2020 and you will receive a second head for the silicone doll free of charge.

New brand HR Doll

24. 10. 2019

We have expanded our product range with another brand. HRDoll is a professional manufacturer of real dolls based in China, which specializes in realistic platinum TPE dolls and FULL SILICONE heads. HR Doll produces anatomically accurate, realistic dolls of all types in life-size from 140 cm to 165 cm. The assortment also features realistic Male Dolls 167 cm tall, with a silicone head for the most realistic look, with muscular body, real beard and pubic hair.

New Brand AS Doll

04. 10. 2019

We have recently started cooperation with sex dolls manufacturer - AS Doll. Their range consists of realistic TPE dolls from 140 to 170 cm. Most of her sex dolls are of European appearance and come into their own especially lovers of curvy bodies. They are the first who bring our sortiment AI Sex Doll - an intelligent, robotic, real doll with mimic facial movements and an advanced Siri-like communication system.

Design custom Sex Doll from your photos

30. 01. 2019

Now you have the opportunity to design, model and produce your custom silicone sex doll according to your photos.

New category of accessories for Sex Dolls

14. 01. 2019

In the new "Accessories" category you can now buy extra heads for sex dolls, cleaning and repair aids such as TPE stain remover, TPE glue, special shower head, clothes for sex dolls, and more to follow.

Delay of delivery due to Chinese New Year - 25.1. - 13.2. 2019

09. 01. 2019

The Chinese New Year is approaching (25th Jan - 13th Feb 2019) when all the factories, shops and shipping companies are closed. Delivery of all orders will be extended by this date. Thank you for your understanding.

We added the new Jarliet Doll brand

09. 01. 2019

Jarliet Doll has specialized in the production of silicone dolls for 4 years. From design to research and development, using certified, health-conscious and environmentally friendly TPE materials, reinforced with flexible metal skeleton. They have excellent designers and engineers who design anatomically perfect bodies and faces. And every month they relase a new model of silicone doll. As one of the few they also allow to sculpture their own unique silicone doll according to the pictures sent by customer.

We wish Happy New Year and thank you for your favor!

05. 01. 2019

In 2019, we are expecting an incredible amount of news from the world of silicone dolls. Stay with us.

To the selected brands the second head for free!

05. 01. 2019

For Christmas, we give you a second head free for a purchased silicone dolls from JY Doll, OR Doll, 6YE Doll and Z-onedoll.

Beware of fake sex dolls!

05. 01. 2019

Beware when you are choosing a silicone doll and learn how to spot the sellers of fake sex dolls.

We added new brand Sino-doll

25. 11. 2018

Sino-doll is an entirely new generation of Hi-Tech platinum silicone sex dolls with an incredibly detailed processing of state-of-the-art technology for a truly realistic experience. This is a new subsidiary of the famous Z-onedoll.

The new section "Videos Sex Dolls"

20. 11. 2018

Here you can watch videos of silicone dolls to get a picture of their realistic moves and features.

Second Head Free to the YL Doll in September

Buy a Sex Doll by YL Doll 140 cm and above till 30th of September and you will get second head free of your choice.