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Do you want to design, model and create your own body for your Sex Doll form your own pictures? We are the only one who offers this service on the EU market. Come and design your real doll's body of your dreams from your own photos. More >>

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Although we have over 1,000 models of sex dolls, we know that we can not hit everyone's tastes. For the most demanding customers with refined taste there is this unique service of designing, modeling and creating your own body from the WM Dolls. You can also design a custom head, a complete silicone doll, or a male version of a silicone dolll - a male doll.

How is the process of making your own sex doll body?

  1. Together with your order, send us as many body photos as possible from all angles. The quality of the resulting product depends on the number of photos you send. ** 1)
  2. According to the materials sent, the demands of production and its calculation will be considered ** 2)
  3. From the photos you uploaded, the design and 3D modeling of your own sex doll body will take place in the graphics editor.
  4. A 3D model is handed over to a sculptor who has a high clay model of the body.
  5. A new mold will be created from the clay model to cast its own unique body to the sex doll.
  6. Once all previous actions have been approved, the final product will be created.

We will carefully consult each step with you on the basis of the photo documentation and without further approval, you will not proceed to the next, although from the beginning of the modeling you can not leave the purchase contract, you still have the possibility to influence the shape of the final product. Each step will be consulted on the basis of photos and the final form may be appropriated according to the comments in the process.


85% of our sex dolls models are cast based on a real-world scatter of real female anatomy. Realistic modeling based on the submitted photos will be at most 70-90%, unless detailed photos of all the pages of the desired product are sent. When modeling begins, it is no longer possible to withdraw from the sales contract.


1) You must send at least 4 detailed photos from different angles so that the modeling is as close to the original as possible. The more photos you send, the final product will be similar to the original.

2) The price is for a common body model that is similar to all available to the WM Dolls. If you have a special request for a special type of body such as anime, manga, special movie characters and other types other than the common offer of human bodies by WM Dolls, the price and production option will be weighed according to its complexity.


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