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Now for rent! Experience all the features, moves and care of a realistic doll in the comfort of home. More >>

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JY Doll
140 cm
Bra cup size ~
25 kg
34 cm
Upper chest
87 cm
Under chest
60 cm
Arm Length
56 cm
50 cm
84 cm
Leg length
74 cm
Foot lenght
20 cm
Mouth depth
12 cm
Vagina depth
16 cm
Anal depth
14 cm

A doll's reservation is required at least 6 hours before the selected time.

Express delivery of sex dolls to the selected address (CZK 10 / km) applies to Prague and the surrounding area within 50 km.

You can also use a personal pickup at: Mojmírova 1739/8, 14 000 Praha - Nusle.



Before you start using the doll, please read this brief manual, where you will learn how to deal with the doll.

When shipping, check the shipping box thoroughly. If there are signs of external damage that could damage the doll, write down the courier with the courier or refuse to accept it.

Take care when handling the doll and have enough space around you to avoid damage to sharp edges, walls or doors.

Keep the joints bent for only a few minutes (15-20) and then return them to the original lying position to avoid skin strain.

Do not exert excessive force when bending. If the joint does not bend to the desired position, try to return it and turn it in another direction or rotate it by another joint. The wrist joints are the most vulnerable, so do not expose the vase to the vase.

If you put the doll on your legs, only on both to spread the balance. Do not bend your doll standing. Foot screws can scratch the floor.

In the box with accessories you can find cotton gloves, rubber gloves, antibacterial soap, applicator, showerhead, tampons, powder, brush, lubricant, condoms.

Doll cleaning is not necessary unless sexual intercourse occurs.

If you find any damage or a new one, immediately take a picture and send it to the phone / WhatsApp +420 607288195.

Manipulation with Doll:

  1. Wash your hands and put the cotton gloves in the box
  2. Put a white towel on the bed where you will bring the doll. (Do not assume a hard surface)
  3. Remove the top reinforcements and accessories from the box.
  4. Press the vagina's lower abdomen and bend both feet to the vertical position (each at right angles upwards)
  5. Bend the knee joint to the right angle and grab the doll under your knees and under your shoulders.
  6. Transfer the doll to the bed or another soft pad.
  7. Ensure that any damage noted in the manual agrees. New message immediately.
  8. You can now manipulate the doll. When applying the head, rub the neck with the lubricant. (do not expose the palm of the vase to the whole weight)

Sex at your own risk!

  1. Lending is not for sexual intercourse. Sex with a doll is at our own risk and we urge you to use a condom!
  2. In the case of finding the ejaculate in the holes after the borrowing (UV light check), you are subject to a deposit of CZK 10,000.
  3. If silicone vaginal intercourse occurs, always use a water-based lubricant gel in the accessory box. And a condom!

Cleaning silicone doll:

  1. Remove your head and cover the metal parts with a plastic.
  2. Place the silicone doll on the bed in the sitting position and place it on the back. Both lower holes will be easily accessible.
  3. Remove the accessory box, the antibacterial soap, the applicator, the drainage head, and install it on the hand shower.
  4. Pour part of the soap into the applicator and dilute with lukewarm water.
  5. Place the shower or bathtub with a colorless pad / towel, transfer the doll and put it on your back.
  6. Rinse the holes with lukewarm water with the supplied extension.
  7. Apply the diluted antibacterial soap to the apertures and allow it to work for 2 minutes.
  8. Wash the rest of the doll with a very soft sponge / washcloth with the rest of the soap.
  9. Rinse water with the water, rinse the doll inside and out.
  10. On the bed prepare fine white towels.

Drying of silicone doll:

  1. Place the pan on fine white towels on the bed.
  2. Wrap it and dry with a gentle pulse from the outside on all sides. (NEVER use hair on hair!)
  3. Apply the doll for 20 minutes so that the water runs out of the lower holes.
  4. From the accessory box, remove the swabs and push them into the wet holes as far as possible to see the end of the green string.
  5. You can try applying a powder with a brush, which after washing will return the skin to a realistic mat like human skin.


  1. Put the doll back into the box as it was delivered and return to the end of the deadline.

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