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Luxury Love Doll - porn star Reya Sunshine with height 163 cm and boobs G-Cup. This love doll will satisfy you with classical, oral and anal sex. It is maximally flexible and will be available for each position. TPE skin is soft and silky as a human with many details, which guarantees a perfectly realistic feeling of sex.

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163 cm
Bra cup size ~
55 kg
Silicone head, TPE
40 cm
Upper chest
46 cm
Under chest
42 cm
Arm circumference
25 cm
Arm Length
40 cm
Wrist circumference
13 cm
36 cm
60 cm
Thigh circum
54 cm
Calf circumference
36 cm
Ankle circumference
19 cm
Leg length
80 cm
Foot lenght
15 cm
Mouth depth
13 cm
Vagina depth
17 cm
Anal depth
15 cm
Body type
Hair color
Skin color

How To Remove Stains on Real Doll?

21. 02. 2019

Have you sullied your sex doll with careless treatment or clothing? We have instructions for removing stains from sex dolls using stain remover.

Beware of fake sex dolls!

31. 01. 2019

If you've found by our competitor the same love doll looking from a photo but at a considerably lower price, be careful! Thoroughly read this article on how to identify a fake love doll and avoid buying it, which would cost you much more.

What is TPE material?

31. 01. 2019

Are you wondering what love dolls are made of? Learn what TPE is and what is the difference between silicone sex doll and sex doll from TPE.

Love Doll Manual

31. 01. 2019

In this article, read how to properly care for your realistic love doll to keep you the longest without scars on the body

Fixed or removable vagina?

30. 01. 2019

During purchase process of a love doll you will surely hesitate to choose a fixed or removable vagina. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions so you can better decide which one to choose.

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