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Luxury Silicone Love Doll Linyanyan with height 162 cm. This love doll will satisfy you with classical, oral and anal sex. It is maximally flexible and will be available for each position. The Premium Silicone skin is soft and silky as a human with many details, which guarantees a perfectly realistic feeling of sex. More >>

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162 cm
Bra cup size ~
34 kg
Platinum Silicone
32 cm
Upper chest
81 cm
Under chest
61 cm
Arm Length
64 cm
91 cm
Thigh circum
51 cm
Leg length
94 cm
Foot lenght
22 cm
Mouth depth
13 cm
Vagina depth
18 cm
Anal depth
15 cm
Body type
Hair color
Skin color

The latest generation of real-life Sino-doll brings revolution to the world of Sex Dolls. Made from new material Platinum Silicone. They have new technologies of sound moaning and warming the body. To underline the realistic impression, it offers the possibility of implanted hair and eyebrows, making them the top in this industry.

Unique heating system

To enhance the realistic feeling and comfort during sexual activities, the sophisticated Sino-doll heating system helps to increase your body temperature to a pleasant 37 ° C. When you have sex with them, warming your body brings a feeling like when you are in contact with a real woman.

Voice command

Luxury Sino-doll silicone dolls are equipped with voice sensors that will respond to or respond to your own mood.

List of voice commands and responses:

Voice command

Realistic fine skin

High-quality health-grade silicone, which uses the Sino-doll, provides an incredibly realistic feel-to-touch experience. You will feel soft and soft as if you were touching real female skins.

Perfect sex appeal

Each realistic Sino-doll is made with a special emphasis on details. Faces and bodies are designed by professional sculptors. Also intimate sections are modeled by a real woman to reproduce as faithfully female anatomy. This includes the inside of the vagina with a G point, a cannula and irregular protrusions to increase the sense of pleasure.

The articulated skeleton

The Sino-doll silicone dol is based on a high quality metal frame that is highly flexible, allowing to reproduce most real human positions.

Implanted hair and eyebrows

For the most realistic look, you have the opportunity to pay extra for your hair and eyebrows. By default, you have a wig and an eyebrow painted.

Choice of face and body

All Sino-doll bodies are fitted with removable heads. You can choose from 6 heads and you can tailor your virgin to suit your needs. The head can also be changed when choosing heating and voice control technology.


Sino-doll offers a wide range of customizable parts, making thousands of possible configurations. So you can create a virgin you always dreamed of, according to your personal taste. From the face, bust size, nipple color, nipple size, eye color, etc. Each doll made according to your personal preferences is absolutely unique.

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