Modern technology is demanding modern technology, even in terms of payments. You can conveniently and safely pay online via the Comgate  or PayPal.


Comgate is a Czech payment gateway for real-time transactions. Through Comgate you can pay instantly online via electronic bank transfer, via credit cards or via your mobile phone. With an instant bank transfer, you are using secure banking from your bank. With a pre-filled payment order, the money will be instantly transferred to our Comgate account.

Comgate operates mainly in the Czech Republic. It is registered with the Czech National Bank as a payment organization that is 100% a subsidiary of ComGate a.s. For more information about this service, visit

How does online card payment work?

When you finish the order, in the "Shipping & Payment" section, you select the Card payment button Tlačítko pro platbu kartou. After sending the order, you will be redirected to the CSOB payment gateway, where you will fill in the payment details from the card and send the payment. Payment is credited within a few minutes and on weekends and holidays.

How does an online bank transfer work?

When you finish the order, you can choose from 14 bank buttons for instant online transfer in the "Shipping & Payment" section. You will select your bank and you will be redirected to your online banking after sending the order. Once you sign in, the order for a given payment will be generated and you only have to approve it and send the payment. Payment is credited within a few minutes and on weekends and holidays.

Transfers of money are made via the ComGate Payments a.s. Sensitive input data you enter into the Internet banking system is protected by banks' payment gateways and do not reach third party environments. Payment processors only see the transaction information the bank sends to the transaction.


PayPal is an international payment gateway that provides PayPal account management where you have a paid card or a certain amount of money and you pay for the ordered services and merchandise. There is also a variation to pay directly from VISA and MasterCard.

financial information is never communicated to a third party

  • remain intimately stored on PayPal
  • user safety is the number one priority for PayPal
  • it will never provide your resellers with financial information - such as your credit card number or account number
  • with PayPal you can feel safe even when you buy for the first time with unknown vendors
  • for shopping at online stores and covered by free shopping protection - if an online purchase does not arrive or does not match the seller's description, due to the buyer's protection PayPal, you can get back the full amount including shipping

Each transaction is controlled by top patented models that help the system successfully combat fraudulent behavior.

Standard bank transfer

There is, of course, a classic bank transfer to our account