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Love Doll 156 cm / G-Cup Sandra - OR Doll

Custom order
€ 1.727 € 1.963

Buy a tall Real Dolls with a height 150 - 176 cm from TPE and experience a perfectly realistic sexual enjoyment. Tall Real Dolls are revolution in the sex industry of 21st century. They have real anatomically shaped bodies, a fully functional flexible skeleton, vagina, anal and mouth, like a real woman, making them a great and affordable sexual aids. With many optional parameters at all brands, you can customize it according to your needs and tastes. The photos and videos of all the tall Real Dolls are real, and if you choose, you will get exactly the same tall Real Doll as you can see on photos and videos. Only makeup can vary. The package includes a basic shimmy or underwear and a cleaning set as a gift. Clothes you can see on tall Real Dolls are not part of the order, but you can buy clothes for Tall Real Dolls from us separately, including other accessories.